With no visitors because of lockdown zoo needs your help

ANIMAL lovers and businesses have responded to an appeal for help from a Staffordshire Moorlands zoo, which has been temporarily shut down by the coronavirus pandemic. Peak Wildlife Park, in Winkhill, near Leek, is home to more than 150 animals - including some rare species - which require costly care. But with no visitors and therefore no income because of lockdown, the zoo is renewing its appeal for help in meeting the cost of food and veterinary care. The zoo has now launched an online Crowdfunder appeal with a target of £15,000 to support the animals during the enforced closure. Peak Wildlife Park manager James Butler, said: “We’re raising funds to survive the Covid-19 pandemic, thereby ensuring the care of our animals and enabling future conservation work. “The Covid-19 pandemic has created an extraordinary set of circumstances for small businesses throughout Britain. “As a wildlife park, our income comes from visitors coming through our doors each day and enjoying the unique experience our little zoo offers. "The last few weeks have been some of the most challenging we have faced, with the park closing its doors to the public on Sunday, March 22. This decision meant our income disappeared overnight. “Though our doors are closed, work at the park doesn’t stop. Our amazing team are working hard to feed and care for all of the park’s 150-plus animals, but looking after them isn’t cheap. “The park still has to pay for food, heating, filtration systems, veterinary care and supplements and it is for this reason we need your help. "We’re asking for any donations, big or small to help cover these costs, and ensuring that Peak Wildlife Park can continue its mission to conserve endangered species from across the globe. “Animals are expensive to keep, their food bills alone can be pretty staggering". James said it costs around £30 per day to feed the penguins, £16 to provide lemurs with their daily dose of vegetables and £14 to make sure our otters can enjoy their preferred diet of shellfish. He added: "These costs add up, and that’s without taking into account all of the specialist veterinary care, heating bills and everything else it takes to keep our amazing animals alive. “People have been so supportive and many have dropped off items. Morrisons and Sainsbury’s supermarkets in Leek have also been very supportive to us,” he said. To donate to the upkeep of the Park animals go to: https://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/support-peak-wildlife-park-1


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