Weekend local cricket league fixtures (August 1 - 2)

Saturday, August 1

North Staffordshire and South Cheshire League

Premier Division: Ashcombe Park v Meakins; Cheadle v Porthill Park; Checkley v Longton; Leek v Moddershall & Oulton; Stone SP v Bagnall Norton; Whitmore v Burslem.

Division One: Audley v Hem Heath; Eccleshall v Little Stoke; Elworth v Leycett; Endon v Sandyford; Newcastle & Hartshill v Knypersley; Wood Lane v Blythe.

Division Two: Alsager v Caverswall; Barlaston v Norton in Hales; Bignall End v Sandbach; Oakamoor v Silverdale; Porthill Park 2s v Rode Park & Lawton; Stafford v Kidsgrove.

Division Three: Hanford v Stone SP 2s; Hem Heath 2s v Cheadle 2s; Longton 2s v Audley 2s; Meakins 2s v Crewe; Moddershall & Oulton 2s v Eccleshall 2s; Wedgwood v Checkley 2s.

Division Four: Bagnall Norton 2s v Barlaston 2s; Hem Heath 3s v Bignall End 2s; Moddershall & Oulton 3s v Newcastle & Hartshill 2s; Porthill Park 3s v Onneley; Silverdale 2s v Elworth 2s; Woore v Stone SP 3s.

Division Five: Blythe 2s v Leek 2s; Caverswall 2s v Stafford 2s; Knypersley 2s v Whitmore 2s; Little Stoke 2s v Sandon; Meakins 3s v Ashcombe Park 2s; Moddershall & Oulton 5s v Alsager 2s.

Division Six: Burslem 2s v Endon 2s; Church Eaton v Moddershall & Ouoton 6s; Leycett 2s v Oakamoor 2s; Norton in Hales 2s v Hanford 2s; Sandyford 2s v Newcastle & Hartshill 3s; Stafford 3s v Moddershall & Outon 4s.

Division Seven: Checkley 3s v Betley; Kidsgrove 2s v Woore 2s; Newcastle & Hartshill 4s v Audley 3s; Onneley 2s v Church Eaton 2s; Porthill Park 4s v Oakamoor 3s; Sandbach 2s v Wedgwood 2s.

Division Eight: Audlem v Meakins 4s; Cheadle 3s v Porthill Park 5s; Crewe 2s v Stafford 4s.

Derbyshire County League

Division 4SS: Burton v UTTOXETER; Dunstall 2s v Alrewas 2s; Lullington park 2s v Abbots Bromley.

Division 8SN: Hilton 2s v Sutton-on-the-Hill; Kirk Langley 2s v Wootton Sports 2s; UTTOXETER 2s v Mickleover 3s.

Sunday, August 2

Stone and District League

Pinfold Trophy (League Stage): Cheadle v Moddershall Sport Asia; Alsager v Barlaston; Knypersley v Ashcombe Park.

Wildblood Cup (League Stage): Newcastle & Hartshill v Hanford; Moddershall Phoenix v Burslem; Hem Heath v Porthill Park.

Hassell Trophy (League Stage): North: Audley v Bignall End; Sandyford v Leycett 3s; Betley v Onneley; Sandworthfield v Sandbach. South: Eccleshall v Endon; Oakamoor A v Meakins; Stone SP v Leek; Checkley v Bagnall Norton 3s.

Spear Travels Cup (League Stage): North: Ashcombe Park Development v Market Drayton; Bagnall Norton 4s v Cheadle 2s; Leycett v Whitmore; Wistaston v Oakamoor B. South: Meir Heath v Wedgwood; Longton v Forton; Bagnall Norton A v Cheadle 2s; Hanford v Caverswall.


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