These high-flyers are likely to be allowed to defy lockdown

A POPULAR English sport, which involves competitors travelling hundreds of miles, is ready to take off for another season, following the go ahead to re-commence training.

In the wake of the Dominic Cummings scandal, which has seen the senior Government advisor berated for daring to flout lockdown rules, this particular sport can put forward a good case for exemption - even though it is impossible to enforce 'social distancing' or 'public gathering' measures on its competitors.

All of those that take part are high-flyers, though not in the same sense as Cummings, with a 520-mile round trip to Durham or much further within their range - without the need to stop-off on a journey home.

That's because racing pigeons are incredible creatures with immense stamina, which is something the sport's 20,000 fanciers across the UK will testify.

The racing season is due to commence next month and, with Government having already sanctioned individual loft training from May 13, English fanciers are hopeful of a favourable announcement from PM Boris Johnson next Monday (June 1) for racing to go ahead.

Some of the restrictions likely to be imposed are fanciers from different lofts not allowed to travel in the same vehicle for races.

In the meantime English fanciers are not allowed to take their birds for training purposes into Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland - all of which currently have different travel rules.

Picture: There are no lockdown restrictions on pigeons relating to 'social gathering.'


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