Sudbury Open Prison has worst record for prisoners on the run

AN open prison on the Staffordshire/Derbyshire border has the worst record for absconders. In the last five years 108 prisoners have gone missing from HMP Sudbury, in Derbyshire. During that period a total of 631 inmates - including murderers and rapists - have absconded from Britain's open jails: an average of two every week. Prisoners are transferred to Category D prisons with 'open' conditions like Sudbury to "test their readiness" for release. Inmates who have absconded from the open jails since 2015 include 22 serving for life sentences after being convicted of murder. The Prison Officers Association blame the absconds on staff shortages and low morale following cuts. A Ministry of Justice spokesman said: "Public protection is our top priority and keeping prisoners in lawful custody where they cannot pose a risk of harm to the public is key. "Those who abscond face tough consequences, including being returned to closed prison conditions." The site was a hospital for the US Air Force and D-Day landings, before it was converted to a prison in 1948.


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