Staffordshire County Senor Football League results and fixtures

Staffordshire County Senior Football League



Premier Division: AFC Alsager 4, Alsager Town Res 0; Audley 2, Hanley Town Res 1; Eastwood Hanley 2, Brereton Social 0; Foley Meir 10, Buxton 1; Redgate Clayton 5, Ashbourne 2; Cheadle Town 0, Walsall Phoenix 7; Silverdale Athletic 2, Leek CSOB 4; Wolstanton Utd 3, Abbey Hulton Utd Res 2.

Division One: Ball Haye Green Res 0, Milton Utd 6; Chesterton AFC 2, Cheadle Town Res 4; City of Stoke 2, Audley Res 0; Leek CSOB Res 1, Shenstone Pathfinder 4; Lichfield City Casuals 1, Redgate Clayton Res 1; Madeley White Star 2, Wolstanton Utd Res 1; Whittington 1, Hawkins Sports 1.

Division Two: Blurton Reds 1, Abbey Hulton Utd Dev 3; Cresswell Wanderers 5, Stapenhill Swans 2; FC 41 2, Foley Meir Dev 3; Huthman 0, Wyrley Res 9; Milton Utd Dev 2, City of Stoke Res 3; Sikh Hunters Dev 5, AFC Alsager Dev 2; Stone Old Alleynians Res 4, Whittington Res 0.


Premier Division: Brereton Social Club 3, Walsall Phoenix 2; Abbey Hulton Utd Res 0, AFC Alsager 1; Alsager Town 0, Audley 2; Ashbourne 1, Foley Meir 3; Hanley Town Res 1, Silverdale Athletic 1; Leek CSOB 5, Cheadle Town 1.



Premier Division: Abbey Hulton Utd Res v Walsall Phoenix; Alsager Town Res v Wolstanton Utd; Ashbourne v AFC Alsager; Brereton Social v Cheadle Town; Hanley Town Res v Foley Meir; Leek CSOB v Redgate Clayton.


Premier Division: AFC Alsager v Ball Haye Green; Audley v Brereton Social; Cheadle Town v Buxton; Eastwood Hanley v Hanley Town Res; Foley Meir v Walsall Phoenix; Redgate Clayton v Alsager Town Res; Silverdale Athletic v Abbey Hulton Utd Res; Wolstanton Utd v Ashbourne.

Division One: Ball Haye Green Res v Eastwood Hanley Dev; Chesterton AFC v Lichfield City Casuals; Hawkins Sports v Audley Res; Leek CSOB Res v Wolstanton Utd Res; Madeley White Star v Whittington; Milton Utd v Cheadle Town Res.

Division Two: Abbey Hulton Utd Dev v Stapenhill Swans; Blurton Reds v Huthman; FC 41 v AFC Alsager Dev; Stone OA Res v Walsall Phoenix Res; Wyrley Res v Cresswell Wanderers.


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