Staffordshire A-level students praised by education leaders

EDUCATION leaders in Staffordshire praised students’ resilience, as they picked up their A-Level results.

Traditional A-Level exams did not take place this year due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Instead, schools and colleges were asked to predict the grades pupils would have achieved if they had sat the exams.

Following yesterday’s government announcement, results will be the highest grades out of estimated grades and previous mock exams, with the option of taking a written exam in the autumn.

All schools will have communicated to students how to collect their exam results, whether by email, online portal or in person from the school itself.

County Councillor Jonathan Price, cabinet member for Education said:“2020 has been a very challenging year for schools and their pupils, especially when it comes to exam results and, more specifically, how they will be calculated.

“Whereas students would normally be awaiting the results of two years of studying, coursework and exams, they are instead waiting on predictions from teachers and mock exam results. The resilience of students and teachers throughout this pandemic has been nothing short of inspiring – whether it’s coping with changes in how lessons are delivered, being separate from friends, to taking on the unenviable task of taking decisions that directly impact people’s future.

“Our young people have a huge amount to offer this county, and are continuing to play an important part in helping to prevent a second peak of infections.

“To every student picking up their A-Level results today, I want to wish them all the best for the future, whether that’s going to university or entering the world of work. This year has been very difficult for everyone, but I am proud of the way Staffordshire schools and students have risen to the challenge.”


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