Safety measures in place ready for Alton Towers to reopen

ALTON Towers still has no date for re-opening after being closed for 10 weeks by lockdown.

In the meantime work is going on to make the theme park safe as the coronavirus outbreak continues to a devastating effect on local tourism.

Tourism is a sizeable contributor to the Staffordshire economy in generating an annual figure of around £1.8bn.

Emma Catterall, Divisional Director, Alton Towers, said: "In considering how we protect our employees and guests, the scale of our resort is a huge advantage.

"We will open initially with significantly reduced visitor numbers, ensuring social distancing can be easily achieved on our 550-acre site."

Numerous safety measures will be in place. They include the siting of dozens of hand sanitiser dispensers around the park, while employees will wear protective equipment including masks, gloves and visors where appropriate, and counter staff will sit behind Perspex screens. Guests will be free to wear masks if they please.

Emma added: "The success of all these measures relies on everyone - our employees and our guests - being considerate and respectful of each other; by maintaining their own good hygiene standards, not travelling to the resort if they are feeling unwell, and giving each other pace when they're here.

"If we all work together, I'm certain we can reopen and start offering local families a much-needed safe place to have fun with their loved ones."


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