'Rocketman' Derek is ready to take off on his radio show again

LASAR Radio's Derek 'Rocketman' Walker continues his fascinating story about ex-Soviet double agent Oleg Gordievsky and his local connection today (Friday, June 5).

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It's a most amazing and exciting tale of 20th century espionage narrated by Lasar's 'agent in residence' - no holds barred, no punches pulled!

Former Russian KGB colonel Gordievsky was a secret agent of the British Intelligence Service, from 1974 to 1985, when he was KGB resident-designate and bureau chief in London.

Two of Gordievsky's most important contributions to our nation's wellbeing were averting a potential nuclear confrontation with the Soviet Union, when NATO exercise Able Archer 83 was misinterpreted by the Soviets as a potential first strike, and identifying Mikhail Gorbachev as the Soviet heir-apparent long before he came to prominence.

Information passed by Gordievsky became the first proof of how worried the Soviet leadership had become about the possibility of a NATO nuclear first strike.

Although MI6 passed on information provided by Gordievsky to the American CIA, the British would not reveal their source, so the CIA conducted a covert operation to discover who the source was, and after about a year, they realised that it must be Gordievsky.

What followed makes a fascinating story.

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Who betrayed Oleg Gordiesky, was there a sixth man and where did he live? Derek says he has the answers, but will he reveal all this week or is he going to tease you again?


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