Robin believes in fairies after shaping a living from their existence

STAFFORDSHIRE Moorlands sculptor Robin Wight brought a new dimension to art five years ago, when he magically began creating fairy shapes from steel wire.

Examples of Robin's fine art can be seen at on the Trentham Estate, in Stoke-on-Trent, where they adorn the two-mile shoreline of the lake at the popular beauty spot..

Robin 59, from Oakamoor, who describes himself "more of a designer than an artist", has now laid a magical trail of the metal nymphs in fields and woods close to his home.

He said: "My career has always been in manufacturing, solving practical problems through design.

"My philosophy being, to get the design right and the aesthetic flows from the design (form follows function). I’ve been an amateur artist all my life and making wire fairies is still (technically) only a hobby (I’m working on it!)".

Robin works primarily with stainless steel wire, creating the enchanting and dynamic fairy sculptures that seem to dance in or struggle against the wind.

He is very open about the process behind his beautiful fairy creations.

Robin said: "They involve the creation of a robust steel skeleton that is then wrapped in progressively smaller gauges of wire – the thickest forms the skeleton, the next thickest forms the muscles and body mass, and the finest wraps these muscles to form the skin.

As his signature, Robin also buries a stone “heart” at each fairy’s core, sometimes engraving these hearts with messages.

There have been millions of views of Robin's work online.

"I never new fairies were so popular until I started sharing images of them," he said. Picture: Robin Wight with one of his creations.


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