Recreational golf is back in full swing after easing of lockdown

Updated: May 14

GOLF courses across England have re-opened today (May 13), following an easing of lockdown measures by the Government. Prime Minister Boris Johnson gave the thumbs up for an immediate return of "recreational golf" at his Covid-19 press conference on Monday. Governing bodies have worked together to formulate how the game can be played safely during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. There is plenty of guidance on how to "socially distance" and new rules on course etiquette have been introduced.

The strict rules include clubhouses remain closed, golfers are only allowed to play alone or with one member of another household, and a ban on touching flags. David Rickman, the R&A's executive director of governance, said everyone in the sport is conscious of the continued impact of the pandemic and that lives are still being lost, but added that golf has a small part to play in the nation's wellbeing. "We are fortunate that golf lends itself to social distancing, so by making a few relatively small changes to the rules and the environment in which we play, we can make it safe for golfers," he said.

Leek Golf Club professional Greg Rogula said: "I have ben waiting for this day for what seems like ages. It is great to see the course is in use again, and people enjoying themselves.

"Visitors can book up to 48 hour in advance by logging onto the Leek Golf Club website," he added.

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Pictured: Leek Golf Club.


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