Police target car cruising and street racing meet-ups in county

POLICE are out and about this evening tackling car cruising and street racing meet-ups at various spots across Staffordshire.

A Staffordshire Police spokesperson said: " We will be dispersing vehicles and issuing drivers with warning notices, which means their cars will be seized if they’re caught again.

"Like a lot of the public, we are fed up of this disruptive behaviour and are actively out looking to stop car cruisers and other illegal street gatherings.

"It may not seem to be a huge issue, but we appreciate that it is for local residents who are entitled to peace and quiet in their homes and neighbourhoods, and these gatherings are often disruptive to local residents, with noise and inconsiderate, sometimes dangerous behaviour causing local communities distress.

"If you're thinking of getting involved, the message is clear - stay at home"



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