Police respond to social media report of "mass brawl" in Leek

POLICE have responded to a posting on social media of a "mass brawl" said to have involved up to 60 teenagers in Leek town centre in the early hours of yesterday (Saturday) morning.

A Staffordshire Moorlands Police spokesman said: "Following comments on social media about disorder in Leek town centre last night (August 15), we would like to reassure the community that this was not the case.

"The number of incidents responded to was not anything over and above normal levels for a Friday evening, although some noise was generated by a queue of people at a takeaway premises and officers did respond to two men arguing.

"Additional officers were in the town centre, and arrived in a police carrier (a van which transports officers from a station). They engaged with local licensees and customers at venues encouraging social distancing and were not wearing ‘riot gear’.

"The neighbourhood policing team will continue to work hard to keep the Moorlands the safe place it is and react to calls for service effectively".


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