Police intervene after pub threatened to breach lockdown

A COUPLE who threatened to open their country pub in the Staffordshire Moorlands in a protest against lockdown have relented.

Nick and Lucy Clowes, who manage The Reform Inn at Thorncliffe, near Leek, had posted a video on social media last night (Nov 5) stating they would open for business at noon today.

However, following a visit from police licensing officers this morning, the pub remains closed.

Chief Inspector Mark Thorley, Commander of the Staffordshire Moorlands Neighbourhood Policing Team, said: “We’re aware of a Facebook post from a pub in Leek claiming they will be ignoring Covid regulations and opening their doors to members of the public from 12pm today.

"This morning we – alongside the licensing team at Staffordshire Moorlands District Council - visited the outlet and advised them against opening – pointing them towards business grants and support.

"We have reminded them if they do open then they will be fined whilst anyone turning up will also be at risk of a fine for breaching Covid regulations.

"We would like to remind everyone of their responsibilities to keep each other safe and to help beat this virus.

"Our priority is to work together to control the spread of the virus across the region and help prevent local healthcare services being overwhelmed.

"All of us need to focus, adjust and adapt to do the best we can in the circumstances including taking personal responsibility to ensure we follow the rules on social distancing, personal hygiene and the use of face coverings.

"It is critical that the people of Staffordshire closely comply with the revised measures to ensure the safety and well-being of our friends and family.

"We will always look to engage and explain on these matters but will enforce when necessary. You risk losing your licence if you decide to ignore these regulations.”

Nick and Lucy Clowes have run the pub since 2014. The hostelry was previously known for many years as the Red Lion.

They explained they wanted to make a stand on behalf of small businesses affected by lockdown and also accused the Government having a disregard for people’s mental health.


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