Police are clamping down on anti-social off-road bikers in Leek

POLICE are clamping down on off-road motorcyclists following an increase in reports about anti-social behaviour involving the bikes in Birchall, Leek.

Local police will be increasing patrols around the fields in this area to tackle motorcyclists causing a disturbance and distress to the local community. They will be specifically targeting areas where riders are known to gather and where there could be a danger to members of the public.

Officers will be engaging with riders, offering advice, and taking appropriate action where necessary including potentially seizing vehicles.

Anyone with any concerns or any information regarding the illegal use of motorcycles is asked to contact their local police officer, call 101 or message Staffordshire Police on Twitter or Facebook. Details that can help officers may include: 🚨 When and where the bike is being used 🚨 A description or images of those who use the bike and it’s make/model/colour 🚨 The name and address of the owner of the motorbike or where the bike is stored.


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