Poem penned as a tribute to late popular family doctor

A POEM has been written as a tribute to a retired doctor-turned-bookshop owner and publisher in the Staffordshire Moorlands.

Dr Bruce Richardso served as a family practitioner in Waterhouses and Leek before his retirement.

He died at his Leek home on May 3, aged 73, and leaves a wife, Sally, five children and eleven grandchildren.

Following his retirement, Dr Richardson spent the last 15 years helping his wife run Picture Book, in Stanley Street, Leek

The tribute poem has been penned Leek resident Mark Johnson, and is entitled 'The Book Doctor':

"The eager climb of the wooden stair – no appointment necessary however minor the need for care – and the knowing that there was always more knowing waiting for you there than Bruce would dare to share in just one go.

Not that he was a hoarder of facts – of books perhaps – more a doctor carefully doling the medicine in prescribed doses lest the patient clear the shelves, glut themselves with enthusiasm; each urgent question met with a light smile about his eyes or his lips: Ah yes, I think we might have that one. If not, we can order it, let’s see.

The problem diagnosed or a different cure secured another random need would assert itself, to which the same reply: a response rich with a lifetime of care and one of love of birds and stones and fields and trees; all knowledge held lightly but bound tightly together in a world of paper leaves at the top of the stair."


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