North Staffordshire and South Cheshire Cricket League results

Davanti Tyres North Staffordshire and South Cheshire Cricket League

Staffordshire Moorlands teams results (18/07/20):-

Premier Division

Ashcombe Park 133-9 (I Khan 52no; M Reynolds 3-23); Bagnall Norton 70-1 (J Graham 36no). Bagnall Norton won by nine wickets. Ashcombe Park 6pts, Bagnall Norton 15pts.

Cheadle 133-9 (M Goodwin 42, D Richardson 3-28); Moddershall Oulton 79-6 (W Dobbie 4-24). Cheadle 15pts, Moddershall Oulton 7. Cheadle won by 54 runs.

Checkley 18-2; Burslem 228-5 (A Shaw 70, K Mountford 33, T Bason 60, A Gilson 32no). Match abandoned. Checkley 8pts, Burslem 12pts.

Leek 127-8 (A Pursell 4-20) v Stone SP. Match abandoned. Leek 6pts, Stone SP 7pts.

Division One

Elworth v Blythe 94-8. Match abandoned. Elworth 7pts, Blythe 5pts.

Endon v Little Stoke cancelled. Endon 3pts, Little Stoke 3pts.

Knypersley 132-4 (A Mir 64); Sandyford 131-6 (K Harrison 40). Knypersley won by six wickets. Knypersley 15pts, Sandyford 8pts.

Division Two

Oakamoor 143-5 (A Keates 52no); Kidsgrove 53-2 (R Davis 30no). Oakamoor won by 90 runs. Oakamoor 15pts, Kidsgrove 3pts.

Rode Park & Lawton 60-4; Caverswall 117-4 (E Wright 38, B Gorton 52no; D Snape 3-23). Rode Park & Lawton won by six wickets. Rode Park & Lawton 15pts, Caverswall 7pts.

Division Three

Stone SP 2s v Checkley 2s cancelled. Stone SP 2s 3pts, Checkley 2s 3pts.

Wedgwood 93-6 (J Jackson 3-9); Cheadle 2s 63-9 (K McKinney 4-13). Wedgwood won by 36 runs. Wedgwood 15pts, Cheadle 2s 4pts.

Division Four

Bagnall Norton 2s v Elworth 2s cancelled. Bagnall Norton 2s 3pts, Elworth 2s 3pts.

Division Five

Blythe 2s v Ashcombe Park 2s cancelled. Blythe 3s 3pts, Ashcombe Park 2s 3pts.

Caverswall 2s 67 (C Lancaster 31; N Bailey 4-9, J Bayley 3-5); Leek 2s 71-2 (K Carr 30no). Leek 2s won by eight wickets. Caverswall 2s 1pt, Leek 2s 15pts.

Moddershall Oulton 5s v Knypersley 2s cancelled. Moddershall Oulton 5s 3pts, Knypersley 2s 3pts.

Division Six

Church Eaton 184-8 (D Smith 68, A Melbourne 40); Oakamoor 2s 131-7 (J Palmer 43no; W Ross 3-18. Church Eaton won by 53 runs. Church Eaton 15pts, Oakamoor 2s 9pts.

Norton in Hales 2s v Endon 2s cancelled. Norton in Hales 2s 3pts, Endon 2s 3pts.

Division Seven

Checkley 3s 43-2; Wedgwood 2s 68 (J Richardson 3-10, A Eccles 3-14). Match abandoned. Checkley 3s won by 8 wickets. Checkley 3s 11pts, Wedgwood 2s 4pts.

Oakamoor 3s 50 9A Williams 4-6, W Happe 3-6); Bettey 53-1. Betley won by nine wickets. Oakamoor 3s 0pts, Betley 15pts.

Division Eight

Cheadle 3s 56-3; Meakins 4s 55 (J Degg 4-24, J Bratt 5-28). Cheadle won by seven wickets. Cheadle 3s 15pts, Meakins 4s 1pt.


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