Midland Men's and Women's Hockey League results and fixtures

Midland Men's Hockey League

Results (17/10/20):-

Premier Division: Boots 1s 0, Warwick University 1s 4; LEEK 1s 2, Hampton-in-Arden 1s 3; Loughborough Students 2s 2, Rugby & East Warwick 1s 4; Nottingham University 2s 3, Loughborough Town 1s 3; West Bridgford 1s 5, Stafford 1s 2.

Fixtures (24/10/20):-

Premier Division: Barton 1s v Stratford 1s; Boots 1s v West Bridgfrd 1s; Hampton-in-Arden 1s v Loughborough Students 2s; Loughborough Town 1s v Beeston 2s; Rugby & East Warwick 1s v Nottingham University 2s; Warwick University 1s v LEEK 1s.

Midland Women's Hockey League

Results (17/10/20):-

Premier Division: Sutton Coldfield 2s 1, Stourport 2s 2; Northampton Saints 1s 3, KL 1s 5; Rugby & West Warwick 1s 2, Boots 1s 1; North Notts 2, LEEK 1s 4; Lichfield 1s 4, Beeston 2s 3.

Fixtures (24/10/20):-

Premier Division: Beeston 2s v North Notts 1s; Boots 1s v Northampton Saints 1s; LEEK 1s v Rugby & East Warwick 1s; KL 1s v Sutton Coldfield 2s; Stourport 2s v Lichfield 1s.


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