Marvellous film about Stokie 'Nello' is back on the small screen

THERE'S another opportunity to watch that touching BBC TV drama Marvellous on the small screen next week.

Peter Bowker’s film tells the incredible and inspirational life story of Stoke City fan Neil Baldwin.

Neil, who has learning difficulties - not that you would guess - loses his job as a clown, but he gets a new one, working for Stoke City manager Lou Macari, as kit man/club mascot.

He also fills another role as a self-appointed student liaison officer at Keele University, where he runs a football team.

Neil, or 'Nello,' as he was known as a circus clown, finds himself in all sorts of predicaments, some hilarious and some moving, because of his innocent persona.

He gets through life by asking for things in his extraordinary manner, and always gets a positive response because people like him.

Welsh award-winning actor Toby Jones plays Neil in the film which has touched many hearts, not just those of die-hard Stokies.

Marvellous will be screened on BBC 2 next Wednesday (July 1) at 9pm.

Picture: Welsh actor Toby Jones (left) with Neil 'Nello' Baldwin who he plays in the film.


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