Lockdown easing paves the way for Cheadle baths re-opening

SWIMMING facilities at the South Moorlands Leisure Centre, in Cheadle, are re-opening this weekend.

The easing of Covid-19 lockdown measures mean the public can dip into the Allen Street pool again.

But baths users will need to pre-book a slot by logging onto the website https://crowd.in/WBn6vj

New health and safety measures relating to social distancing will be in place:

*Arrive 'beach ready'. This will help with social distancing in the changing room and locker area.

*Enter the changing rooms and follow the anti clockwise directional signage.

*Pre-swim showers are open.

*Enter the pool via the deep end in your pre-booked chosen lane.

*No stopping its lane swimming.

*Exit via the shallow end of the pool. This helps reduce traffic on the poolside.

*After using a cubicle please wash your hands.

*Leave via the designated exit whilst keeping to your left in the corridors and walkways.


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