Leek singer-songwriter's special tribute on World Nurses Day

INTERNATIONAL Nurses Day (May 12) will be celebrated this year with a song composed by a singer/songwriter from the Staffordshire Moorlands. Seth Reuben, from Leek, has created as tribute to the work of nurses throughout the world in the frontline fighting against the coronavirus pandemic. With the support of fellow songwriter/composer Darren Alboni, 'A Rainbow of Love', sung by 11-year-old Jessica McDonald, from Liverpool, will be tribute to the efforts of nursing professionals in combating this deadly virus - many of whom have sacrificed their lives in the battle. Seth said: "Being a songwriter I thought maybe a song of hope may help lift the spirits and possibly raise some funds for the NHS workers and their families. "One day a few weeks ago this melody and lyrics arrived from I don't know where, then some chords." He added: Like with all compositions, it's good to get another composer's ear and then develop the song: I knew just the person , a good musical friend of mine who is also a producer and songwriter, Darren Alboni. "Darren immediately wanted to get involved when I explained what I was wanting to achieve. It was thanks to Darren that the track was then sent to Dan Armstrong, another producer. "From there Darren and I composed the song and Dan, whose wife is a nurse, developed the production". The lead singer in the production is 11-year-old Jessica McDonald, from Liverpool, who captured the attention of the national media after performing in her street, during the weekly public tribute to NHS workers tackling the coronavirus. Seth added: "It was always the idea to somehow have children sing the song, as we knew that the message behind it would best be presented by the innocence of children and something fun for them to get involved with during lockdown. "We needed a lead singer though and wanted it to be someone who was already spreading positivity. "Darren came across a story about a young girl called Jessica McDonald, an 11-yer-old singer who had already caught the attention of the media. He was amazed what she had already achieved by singing in the street."

* International Nurses Day was first marked in 1965, created by the International Council of Nurses to mark the hard work of nursing staff throughout the world.

It is especially important in 2020 as nursing professionals continue to lead the frontline charge against the coronavirus pandemic.

Since January 1974, the global celebration is traditionally held on May 12 - the date nursing pioneer Florence Nightingale was born.

The public are being encouraged to turn on a light in their windows tomorrow (May 12) evening, to recognise the efforts of nurses tackling the coronavirus - and also to celebrate what will be the 200th anniversary of Florence Nightingale's birth

Pictured singer/songwriter Seth Reuben.


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