Leading charity closes shop in Staffordshire Moorlands town

A CHARITY shop in a Staffordshire Moorlands town has fallen victim to comeback from the coronavirus pandemic.

The Age UK shop in Cheadle has closed on a permanent basis, along with others across the UK, because of a delay in the charity receiving a promised government cash bail-out.

Staff at the High Street shop Cheadle are now facing redundancy.

Chancellor Rishi Sunak announced in April that £750 million of extra funding would be made available for charities, distributed by the Big Lottery Fund.

However, Age UK spokesperson has claimed the bail-out is too slow in arriving, forcing the charity to look at other cost-saving measures.

She said: "We have been able to draw on some financial support from the National Emergencies Trust, via the local authorities and community foundations, and we are very grateful for the additional funding announced by the Chancellor.

"However, the reality is that, with so many charities needing help, the funding has been slow coming through at a time when revenue generation through our fundraising activities has stopped.

"Therefore, the only option we have is to look at reducing costs, and tough decisions are having to be faced to ensure we protect frontline services and give the charity a sustainable future."

A study by Pro Bono Economics, an independent charity, has found one in 10 UK charities face bankruptcy by the end of the year as they struggle to cope with a £10billion shortfall caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

Picture courtesy Time & Echo Newspapers: The closed Age UK charity shop in High Street, Cheadle.


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