Intrepid explorer Levison on the trail of wild elephants in Africa

VIEWERS can tonight (May 17) watch Staffordshire Moorlands-born explorer Levison Wood on his latest dangerous expedition across Africa (Walking With Elephants, Channel 4, 9pm). In part two of this documentary for the TV channel, the retired British Army Major continues his epic 650-mile trek in Botswana, following in the footsteps of migrating African elephants. He walks the route taken by male elephants, who travel separately from the female groups. Levison, 39, who was raised in Forsbrook and is a former student at Painsley RC College, in Cheadle, is fulfilling a lifelong dream, undeterred even under threat from a nervous bull elephant. He meets a local farmer who explains how cattle herders and elephants come into conflict, and he takes part in a thrilling helicopter operation to sedate and tag a reluctant male elephant. Levison is well-known for extended walking expeditions in Africa, Asia and Central America. Beginning in December 2013, over the course of nine months he undertook the first ever expedition to walk the entire length of the River Nile, starting from Nyungwe Forest in Rwanda. The expedition was commissioned as a four-part documentary series for Channel 4. Levison also wrote a Sunday Times best-selling book detailing the expedition, Walking The Nile.

The much-travelled explorer, write and photographer has worked in over 100 countries.

As an officer in the Parachute Regiment he saw active service in some of the world's most dangerous hotspots.


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