Frustrated shopkeepers invited to have an outdoor market stall

FRUSTRATED shopkeepers closed down by the coronavirus pandemic are being invited to pitch a market stall in a Staffordshire Moorlands town.

Cheadle councillor Ray Wood, who operates Northern Markets, is inviting local shopkeepers to have a stall at the town's outdoor market.

Ray said: “We have the capacity of up to 15 stalls, so I would also like to invite local independent shops to have a stall, as they won’t be able to open their shops for another two weeks".

The easing of lockdown restrictions by the Government has this week seen market traders return to the district's three towns - Leek, Cheadle and Biddulph - but with strict 'social distancing' measures in place.

Ray added: “People can have a stall for £10 a day, and that can be from anytime between 8am until 5pm.

“We provide the stalls and we will be putting in place social distancing measures.”

The normal opening days for the outdoor market in Cheadle’s Market Place are Tuesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays.

However, Ray says that if the demand is there, he will consider opening more days in the week.

He added: “I think businesses are ready to be able to sell their wares and I think people are ready to get out shopping again.”

Anyone interested in having a stall can contact Ray on 07970 336906.


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