Fire service contributes to making bags of money for charity

A COMPANY that produces luxury accessories out of rescued materials and shares the profits with charities has thanked Staffordshire Fire and Rescue Service (SFRS) after it donated 85 old fire hoses.

Representatives from Elvis & Kresse, who make a range of luxury lifestyle accessories, including bags, belts and wallets, from rescued materials, collected the hoses on Wednesday (August 12) from Fire HQ.

The company donate 50 per cent of the profits made to charities that are related to the raw materials they collect and this include the Fire Fighters Charity. In 2019 the company donated £51,918 to the charity.

SFRS holds approximately 1,000 lengths of fire hose, with each length measuring 25-metres in length. Hoses are then disposed either when they fail their annual test or as they get holes from being dragged on the roadway or over sharp objects at wildfires and can become beyond economical repair.

James (Elvis) Henrit, co-founder of Elvis & Kresse said: “We’d like to thank Staffordshire Fire and Rescue Service for their generosity. The hoses we have rescued today will be used to create more high quality products and will enable us to continue to make our donations to the Fire Fighters Charity.”

Graham Mills, head of the Emergency Response Team, who are responsible for resources like fire hoses, said: “This is a great use of a resource that normally would be disposed of as it has reached the end of its useful life for the Service. This is good for the environment, for social enterprise and, of course, for the Fire Fighters Charity, which the Service do lots to support all year round. We absolutely support initiatives like this and we are already planning to donate more materials in the near future.”


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