Fines issued to over 50 lockdown abusers in Staffordshire

STAFFORDSHIRE Police have issued more than 50 fixed-penalty to people breaching Covid-19 (coronavirus) lockdown regulations. Figures released on yesterday (May 15) by the National Police Chief's Council (NPCC) show a total of 52 of the notices - which started at a £60 fine - had been issued by the force by May 11. A total of 13,445 of the notices had been issued across England - with the coronavirus regulations being updated by the government on May 13. National Police Chiefs' Council chairman Martin Hewitt said: “The vast majority of people continue to do the right thing, which protects the NHS and helps save lives.

“The figures show our approach is proportionate with just 0.02 per cent of the population in England and Wales being issued with a fine.

“I want to thank people for continuing to follow the regulations – I recognise it’s not easy and that this is a challenging time for us all. Our approach of – engage, explain and encourage, and only as a last resort, enforce – will continue. It is working across the UK. I urge the public to keep going, keep following the advice.

"Officers are working hard to keep us all safe from the full range of crimes in what remain challenging circumstances so we would ask everyone to work with us and remember that if you need our help we are here for you.”

From Wednesday (May 13) police have been able to issue FPNs for £100 – reduced to £50 if paid within 14 days. Again, the FPN amount will double for repeat offenders, but the maximum fine will increase to £3,200.


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