Drivers urged to check tyres as part of road safety campaign

MOTORISTS across Staffordshire are being encouraged to check their tyres are safe this October and ahead of winter as part of national tyre safety month.

Staffordshire Safer Roads Partnership are supporting national charity Tyre Safe to highlight the importance of driving with safe, correctly inflated tyres with the right tread depth.

Having the right tread depth and pressure in tyres can not only reduce the risk of suffering a dangerous high speed blowout but will last longer, give better handling, improve braking, use less fuel, and even reduce the impact on the environment.

Speaking on behalf of the Staffordshire Safer Roads Partnership, David Williams, cabinet Member for Highways and Transport at Staffordshire County Council said: “Keeping our roads safe remains a priority and our roads continue to be amongst the safest in the country.

“This is a really simple campaign that we support each year to help keep people safer on our roads. The message is clear. Having safe tyres with good tread and keeping them properly inflated will keep you and other road users safer while on the roads.

“We recommend that people check tread depth and tyre pressures at least once a month and before a long journey. You can do this at most garages or petrol stations. Reputable tyre dealers would also be able to check and advise on appropriate tyre pressures.”

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