Did LASAR Radio's 'Rocketman' see a Yeti on The Roaches?

LASAR Radio's Derek Walker recalled his encounters with two of the world's greatest mountaineers, Joe Brown and Don Whillans, on his Cheddleton Chats Show last week.

Derek came across them while out climbing himself on the rocky outcrop known as The Roaches just outside Leek.

A former rocket scientist, Derek, now in his 80s, had a passion for reaching dizzy heights in his younger days, and is ready to recall other interesting encounters on The Roaches on tomorrow's (Friday, June 26) show, between 2pm-4pm.

The Roaches has been a popular habit for wildlife over the centuries and until recent years was home to a family of wallabies. But a yeti? The monstrous creature in Himalayan folklore, later to be referred to as the Abonable Snowman in western popular culture.

Derek (Rocketman) will be providing the answers to these intriguing questions:

* Who did Derek see on The Roaches in the summer of 62? Was it a yak, was it a wallaby, was it a yeti or was it all three?

* What is the significance of a Bronze Age urn, the Summer Solstice and the Winking Man?

* Do The Roaches appear in one of the countries oldest scripts alongside King Arthur, Sir Gwain and The Green Knight?

Picture: Was Derek seeing things or was it really a Yetti he encountered on The Roaches?


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