Derek will be serving up a Hamburger treat for LASAR listeners

CHEDDLETON Chat show host Derek Walker will be serving up another spy treat for his listeners on LASAR Radio this afternoon (Oct 2), between 2pm - 4pm.

The octogenerian with a zest for life will be delivering his subject with his usual zany-style of humour.

His latest topic concerns world-famous spies Foote and Hamburger - sounds like an unusual tasty treat -

Allan Alexander Foote (13 April 1905 – 1 August 1956) was a radio operator for a Soviet espionage ring in Switzerland during World War II.

He was born in Lancashire, and raised mostly in Yorkshire by his Scottish born father and English mother, but is also associated with Buxton and may have frequented Leek during that time.

Ursula Kuczynski (15 May 1907 – 7 July 2000), also known as Ruth Werner, Ursula Beurton and Ursula Hamburger, was a German Communist activist who worked for the Soviet Union in the 1930s and 1940s as a spy, most famously as the handler of nuclear scientist Klaus Fuchs. She moved to East Germany in 1950 when Fuchs was unmasked, and published a series of books related to her spy work, including her bestselling autobiography, Sonjas Rapport.

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