Covid-19:Trio of volunteers helping keep health workers safe

A TRIO of volunteers are delivering Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to health and care workers in Cheadle and Uttoxeter during the coronavirus pandemic.

Around 1,500 visors have so far been distributed to nursing and care homes in both towns, as well as to home care workers.

The group are also funding meals for the elderly and vulnerable in Uttoxeter from the Old Saddler’s Yard Café.

Guy Collins started to organise distribution of PPE to care workers after his grandmother sadly died from the virus.

The 47-year-old lecturer in Public Health at the University of Derby is also a former nurse and first responder.

Guy set up the Facebook group 'Help My Neighbours' and is also part of several other social media community groups co-ordinating efforts to help people during the coronavirus pandemic.

He told the Times & Echo: “Initially we were working with Jayne and Helen at Old Saddler’s Yard Café to provide meals for vulnerable people.

“We take donations and buy meals from the café who deliver them to those who need them. We take referrals from GPs and the community.

“Sadly, my grandmother passed away from Covid-19 [coronavirus] in a care home. That flagged up to me the lack of PPE in care homes, so we started trying to source visors from suppliers.

Guy added: “We targeted health and social care providers because the conversations we were having made it clear that unfortunately they weren’t getting access to PPE.

“We’ve purchased some visors and had others donated by different companies that are producing them.

“3P Innovation have donated 1,000 visors and Brian McGowan has also donated 100.

“So far we’ve either purchased or had donated 1,500 visors that have gone out across Cheadle and Uttoxeter.”

Guy is working with Belinda Oakes, from Cheadle, and Matthew Udale, from Uttoxeter, who are helping distribute PPE to key workers who need it.

Belinda said: “So far I’ve given out about 240 from police custody nurses, diabetic nurses, GP surgeries, nursing homes and even individual ones to key workers.”

All the visors are made in the UK to accredited standards and are being distributed to nursing homes, home care workers and care homes for the elderly and other vulnerable people.

PPE for privately run care providers is supplied by the Government via specified wholesalers.

Guy added: “We’re just trying to make what difference we can and remind people that they are not forgotten.”

Picture courtesy Times & Echo newspapers.


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