Council cash support for community help groups

AS the Coronavirus continues to affect all aspects of our lives the support communities can offer to each other is more important than ever.

Working closely with the local community and voluntary sector, Support Staffordshire has agreed a system of lead organisations and in the Moorlands they are Biddulph Youth Action Zone, Moorlands Homelink in Cheadle, and Haregate Community Centre in Leek.

Their teams of staff and volunteers are providing a range of services from food shopping and collecting prescriptions to giving ongoing support to people who are self isolating or shielding.

In recognition of the amazing work they are doing to support those who are most in need, Staffordshire Moorlands District Council is donating £5,000 to each of the three organisations.

Councillor Mike Bowen, Cabinet member of Communities, said: "These are difficult times for all of us but especially for those who need help with everyday jobs like food shopping and collecting prescriptions and those who need ongoing support.

"To know that we have organisations like this, that we can rely on and trust to offer care and assistance in a friendly, professional manner, is invaluable and I'm pleased we are supporting them with a financial donation so they can continue to support people across the Moorlands.

"I salute them, and all the other groups and individuals, who are working tirelessly and selflessly to take care of others in their communities."

The District Council also refers requests for help it receives to these three organisations and they are receiving calls from people in the community who make contact with them directly.

Council Leader, Councillor Sybil Ralphs, who is also the Cabinet member for Finance, said: "Each of these organisations has lost income due to the Coronavirus emergency but this has not dampened their resolve or their commitment which is admirable. The grants we are giving will help them through this period and I'm delighted that we can show our gratitude for them in this way.

"I, too, am humbled by the magnificent community response to this emergency which is a daily demonstration of our spirit and our strength in times of adversity and I also add my heartfelt appreciation for everything everyone is doing to make sure we all come through this safely and together."


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