Coors Sunday Football League results and fixtures

Coors Sunday Football League



Premier Division: Bignall End 5, Eastwood Hanley 1; Cuckoo Albion 6, Cheshire Cheese 0; The Roebuck 3, Halmerend 0. Postponed: Kidsgrove Athletic Community v Chesterton YC, Men Unite v Foley Meir, Shamblers v Greenhoffs.

Division One: Congress Town 2, Silverdale Vine 2; FC Lambourne 5, Moorlands Athletic 1; Global Vision 3, Plough 5; Jolly Carter 2, Canal Tavern 1; Vale Hoppers 8, Queensberry 1. Postponed: Railway Inn v Wolstanton SC.

Division Two: AFC Moorlands 0, Canal Tavern Kidsgrove 3; AFC Wulstan 0, Royal Furlong 6; Birches Head Rangers 5, Brown Edge 1; Coach & Horses 1, Tam O'Shanter 4. Postponed: Halmerend CIC v Redgate Clayton.

Division Three: Bradwell 5, Old Castle 0; Congleton Town Academy 2, Marquis of Granby 1; Eastwood Hanley Res 1, New Penny 6; FC Red Lion 1, The Wharf 4; Breaks Athletic 2, Keele University 1; Stoke Town 5, Park Inn Knights 1.

Division Four: AFC Castle Mona 2, Royal Oak Harrisehead 3; Birches Head 1, Jollees 6; Burslem Utd 2, Staffordshire Victoria 5; White Hart Smallthorne 2, Roaring Meg 4; Wolstanton HS 1, Plaza 2. Postponed: FC Robin Hood v Holditch Miners.

Coors Sunday League



Premier Division: Cheshire Cheese v The Roebuck; Chesterton YC v Cuckoo Albion; Eastwood Hanley v Kidsgrove Athletic Community; Foley Meir v Bignall End; Greenhoffs v Men Unite; Halmerend v Shamblers.

Division One: Canal Tavern v Railway Inn; Moorlands Athletic v Global Vision; Queensberry v Jolly Carter; Silverdale Vine v Vale Hoppers; The Plough v FC Lambourne; Wolstanton SC v Congress Town.

Division Two: Brown Edge v AFC Moorlands; Canal Tavern Kidsgrove v Halmerend CIC; Redgate Clayton v Coach & Horses; Tam O'Shanter v Royal Furlong; The Kiln v Birches Head Rangers; White Hart VPR v AFC Wulstan.

Division Three: Breaks Athletic v FC Red Lion; Marquis of Granby v Eastwood Hanley Res; New Penny v Keele University; Old Castle v Stoke Town; Park Inn Knights v Bradwell; The Wharf v Congleton Town Academy

Division Four: Holditch Miners v White Hart Smalltohrne; Jollees v FC Robin Hood; Plaza v Birches Head; Roaring Meg v Wolstanton HS; Royal Oak Harrisehead v Burslem Utd; Staffordshire Victoria v AFC Castle Mona.


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