Comment: What's good for Royal Albert should be good for Harrison Park

SOME of the restrictions being imposed on social gatherings by Covid-19 simply don't add up and they are having a ridiculous unwanted affect on sporting activities for instance.

Government considers it safe for 3,000 people to attend a concert indoors at London's Royal Albert Hall, yet professional football club's are not allowed to accommodate ANY fans out in the open air in their vast stadiums. It doesn't make sense

Sport is a life-blood for so many people and an important outlet in particular for those who live alone: it's an invitation to get outdoors in the fresh air and socialise. A natural tonic for our mental well-being.

I notice Leek Town sold all 400 tickets for their game at Harrison Park the weekend - and probably would have sold more but for Covid-19 restrictions relating to crowd capacity.

You can bet there were more than a few 'home-loners' on the touchline watching the game, immensely grateful for the opportunity to enjoy the fresh air and socially interact again with the outside world.

Gary Shenton


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