Campaigners urge litter louts 'take your rubbish home'

A STAFFORDSHIRE Moorlands couple have been out and about litter picking, after being incensed by the unsightly amount left strewn around their community.

Samuel Plimmer and partner Molly Camp, who live in Cheadle, have also posted a social media message urging people not to drop litter.

The couple went out recently armed with bin bags while walking their dogs, after seeing how bad the litter issue had got on their favourite walking routes.

Their route took in the Thorley Drive and leisure centre football pitches and saw Samuel and Molly picked up enough litter – including broken glass – to fill more than four bin bags.

After their litter-busting walk with their pooches Jasper and Lola, the couple streamed a live video on Facebook asking the residents of Cheadle to not litter the community.

Samuel said to video watchers: “Our message to you, to your kids and teens, is to pick up your rubbish.”

Molly added: “Even if it’s not your rubbish, you can pick it up. We spent two hours on our dog walk picking up litter. None of it was ours but there were people also giving us a hand.”

The couple’s video message has attracted many thousands of views.

Samuel said: “Our main message is that it is very easy to just take your rubbish and bin it.

“We understand that some bins are full at times, but that’s no excuse to leave it".

“There’s plenty of bins in the town or simply use your own. Recycling is better that way too.”

He added: “We’ve decided once or twice a week we will be taking bin bags with us." and continue to pick up the litter.

Cheadle Town Mayor Ian Plant praised the couple for their community spirit.

He said: “Obviously I would like to thank them for doing the litter pick in that area.

“It is evident that there are very few litter bins around that area but that is no excuse to just leave it around for someone else to pick up.

“Hopefully through this now being bought to the attention of the district council, we can address this issue,” he added.


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