Actress from Staffordshire Moorlands in remake of screen hit

NORTH Staffordshire's award-winning actress/screenwriter Rachel Shenton is starring in a remake of the small screen hit All Creatures Great and Small.

Rachel takes the role of farmer's daughter Helen Anderson in the family drama - centred around a Yorkshire veterinary practice in the 1930s - which returns to TV screens on Channel 5 next month.

It is 60 years since the original TV series, starring Christopher Timothy and the late Robert Hardy, ended after running from 1978 until 1990.

The series is based on vet and author James Herriot's memoirs.

Rachel takes a liking to, and later marries, young vet Herriot (Nicholas Ralph) who is apprenticed to eccentric practice owner Siegfried Farnon (Sam West).

Multi-talented Rachel gained an Academy Award in 2018 for her short film, Silent Child, telling the story of a deaf child, which she wrote, produced and starred in.

Rachel was brought in the Staffordshire Moorlands, in the village of Caverswall, and went on to study Performing Arts at Burslem College, before launching into acting.


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