Absence of hostile Leeds crowd could be a winner for Stoke

THE absence of a hostile Leeds United following could play in Stoke City's favour on their visit to Elland Road this afternoon ((July 9).

Normally over 30,000 fans pack into the Leeds ground providing a hostile reception for visiting teams.

But there will be no such cauldron atmosphere awaiting the latest visit of The Potters, because of the Covid-19 measures preventing large social gatherings.

On Stoke's previous visit to Leeds last August there were 30,002 fans in the stadium, only substitutes from both teams, and club staff acting as 'ball boys,' will be scattered about the seats.

The downside for Stoke is that Leeds will enter the game with extra determination, having being knocked of top spot in the Championship table by West Bromwich Albion (2-0 winners at home to Derby) last night.

That said, the Stoke players should be equally determined - if not more so - to come away with at least a point towards avoiding relegation to League One next season.

The match kicks off at 5pm and is live on Sky Sports.


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