A Marvellous tribute to a Potteries legend, 'Nello,' on tv tonight

'LIVE' footy on telly will have to take a back seat in my house to tonight (July 1).

As much as I love the game I will be watching the re-run of the moving feature-length drama Marvellous on BBC 2 at nine o'clock instead.

It's the uplifting real-life story of Neil 'Nello' Baldwin, a one-time circus clown and Stoke City kit man, who has become a legend in the Potteries.

Neil was diagnosed in childhood with special needs, but he's gone on to enjoy an extraordinary life, making friends with celebrities and sports stars along the way.

Neil was portrayed in the film by leading Welsh actor Toby Jones.

As Neil's best friend, Lou Macari, the former Stoke manager, puts it succinctly "it's one of those stories that will have you laughing and crying."

I had the pleasure of accompanying Neil on one of his many public appearances made after the successful first screening of Marvellous, when he was invited to open a shopping isle named in his honour at Longton indoor market.

Gary Shenton, LASAR Radio media director

'Nello', right, pictured with myself at Longton indoor market where a shopping isle was named in his honour .


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